Proactive Protection Medical Insurance - Fifties Plus Health Insurance

Are you finding that your current medical insurance is going up astronomically year after year? If you've answered 'YES' then please call us now on 0208 207 7394 or get us to call you.

Proactive Protection will do our very best to help you through Fifties Plus Health Insurance save on your premiums without compromising your cover.

Already Covered?
If you are already covered, and your premiums are going up year after year, and you find it hard to afford, then speak to us as you don't necessarily have to forgo cover for conditions you have been treated for in the past. We'll look at your individual circumstances and medical history and sort out the best plan we can. This new approach means you could switch without losing out on vital cover!

If you are not already covered, then do not despair, our specialists have worked hard with insurers to offer Fifties Plus Health Insurance clients quality medical insurance which is affordable and gives you that peace of mind.

Remember it's never too late to look after yourself!

So what is different about Proactive Protection services for the over fifties?

  • We are specialists in the Over Fifties Medical Insurance market
  • We offer you the ease of switching to a different insurer and take away the hard work by setting up the policy for you
  • By switching policies with us we will not compromise your cover while saving you money at the same time
  • You could save yourself up to 65% of no claims discount
  • Our expert advisers will talk you through the process and give you the service you deserve
  • We save you time
  • We save you money
  • We put you first

New to Medical Insurance?

Private medical insurance is about peace of mind and the reassurance of knowing you'll get the treatment you need, when you need it and at the best hospitals. It's designed to cover the cost of surgery, medical specialists, accommodation and nursing for treatment at either a private hospital or in a private ward of an NHS hospital. It's one less thing to worry about and means you can be confident that you and your loved ones will be back on your feet as soon as possible, without the concern of NHS waiting lists. Medical insurance was traditionally a luxury item, just for the wealthy – that's no longer the case. Proactive Medical & Life Ltd provides a service to suit most needs and budgets; after all, don't you deserve to be well cared for without having to wait? We may be able to offer you a policy that is not claims related! Beat that…