Professional Indemnity

This class of insurance is often a requirement for membership of a professional body or by potential clients. It is a relatively small, but competitive market, where only brokers who provide full and comprehensive information can secure the best terms.

As premiums costs are significant, it is also essential that an Insurance Broker fully understands a risk in order to get the best response from the insurance underwriters.

We can help make a positive contribution in this area.  Following detailed discussion with our clients, our associates  will compile a full portrait of their business activities, experience, history and income sources. By ensuring that the insurance submission contains all these key features, in a clear format, the rating and premium terms will be competitive.

Proactive is an independent insurance company in London providing you with valuable protection throughout the UK focusing on customer service & customer values.

We compare the market so that you don't have to! Stop wasting time surfing and ask us to show you the best deals. Get in touch with us to arrange the perfect insurance policy today. 

Proactive Protection is an award winning specialist insurance agency set up to help offer an effective solution to client’s personal and corporate insurance needs.    

Independent Insurance Services in London
Based in London, Hertfordshire and Manchester, our product range extends to new and existing Employee Benefits Schemes, Medical Insurance Plans, Trusts, Life Insurance, Critical & Serious Illness and Income Protection schemes for the corporate, SME, family and individual insurance policies.  

We offer a one-stop insurance service, making it easier for you to make the right choice through guided impartial award-winning advice, whether you require home, life or medical insurance.  As a class-leading business insurance broker, we reduce the stress and effort, helping you to save money for your company across the full benefits range.


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