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Allpay Health Trust Scheme
Healthtrust Management Services
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 Within the trust we use a method of underwriting called Moratorium for dependants that are added to a staff members plan, with this method there is no need to provide the Trust with any health information but you accept that any medical conditions for which you have sought medical advice for in the last five years would may be excluded from the policy for the next two years.

Moratorium underwriting:
Any condition of any nature that you have had (including GP consultations) in the last 5 years will lead to an exclusion for a period of 2 years from the start date of the new policy.  At this point the ‘previous’ condition could be included in the Health Insurance cover.  I have noted the previous conditions reported to me.  I would strongly advise that if you are unsure of any previous condition, that you discuss it with me prior to joining. 

This is subject to review by the board of Trustees within Allpay as there is a degree of flexibility.  Please see terms and conditions.
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