5 Things you must consider when you delegate to your team.

Posted by Proactive Medical & Life on Wednesday, February 26, 2014

  Don't ponder on what to delegate to your team.  This is the first mistake managers make.  Delegate the work you know your staff are good at, and at the same time keep them motivated by giving them the work you know you can trust them with.

2.  Do not delegate work which you know you are uncomfortable with.  The best advice here is to get comfortable with it, its your work, and you should not be palming this off to an inexperienced member of your team who may make the work even worse.

3.  Be honest with yourself about what you should be delegating.  It is not in your best interests to delegate work that brings down morale, and that's the point, if you don't think about the right way to delegate work, you will lower morale, self esteem and bring poison to the team.  Find the right individual to delegate the work to.

4.  Mentoring is a critical element of the delegation process, remember those you delegate to don't have to be as good as you to do the work, they simply have to be able to do the work.  Your guidance and mentoring will help them achieve what it is you want as an end product. 

5.  Incentivise your delegation.  When you reward you  really do build morale and team bonding.  Competition between team members is a good thing and this can help in a number of ways to get the job done more efficiently, possibly better than you expect and will have your team keen to please.

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