Are you in HR? Here are the top 10 blogs you must follow!

Posted by Proactive Medical & Life on Thursday, February 13, 2014

We've been following the trends ourselves and researching a little online.  We certainly think these bloggers are giving top information when it comes to HR.  Take a look!

The top 10 HR Blogs.

1. Punk Rock HR (BlogTwitter). a great resource. When you’re on the go, a handy mobile site makes reading from your smartphone super easy.

2. Inside my head…(BlogTwitter).  Worth a read and a blog which is so nice to look at.  Talk about creativity in the making. Gareth is also one of the founders of ConnectingHR, a vibrant online network for HR professionals.

3. HR Ringleader (Blogfollow on twitter). Trish has a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management, her posts lean a little bit more towards the academic side of Human Resources.

4.  Christopher De Mers: Office Space (Blog)
Christopher’s suggestion that an empty desk can be viewed “as a zen exercise” is one to heed. Like the man says: “Clean your desk and your mind and make your office space work for you as opposed to against.” Follow Christopher on Twitter.

5. HR Bartender (BlogTwitter). Sharlyn Lauby is an HR consultant and executive, who blogs about human resources, social media, and her love of food and drink.

6. GURU BLOG (BlogTwitter).  Notorious HR commentator, Guru, offers workplace wit and wisdom in his regular HR blogs. Venting on passing management fads and focusing on the big HR stories of the day, Guru blog blends news and opinion with entertaining yet informative results.

7. The Human Horse Races (BlogTwitter) HR and Social Media and that’s what this is all about.

8.  Paul Hebert: Employee Engagement Is The Proofreader’s Fault (Blog)
well if you want information on employee engagement here’s a good place to start Follow Paul on Twitter.

9. Know HR (BlogTwitter). straight talk about human resources

10. HR Capitalist (Blog). Branding and good reading.

Hope these come in handy…. Or, at least good lunchtime reading.

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