Dont be scared to use your health insurance.. You do pay for it!

Posted by Peter Lurie Proactive Medical & Life on Thursday, November 26, 2015
The number of times we hear, 'I saw the doctor and he did not think a referral was necessary', makes me think that we generally take what our local GP says as gospel.  But sometimes, and only sometimes, mother nature kicks in and we feel that we need to take our fight a little further.

Yesterday my wife took our son to the doctor for a persistent throat irritation, which to be fair is something that has been bothering him for a while.  He makes irritating noises to clear his throat and not only does it annoy us, so much so its got to a stage where he has started to do it as a habit and cannot control the urge to clear his throat.  A boy of 9 should not need to be worrying about throat irritations.  Anyway to cut a long story short, my wife had taken him to see our local GP, and guess what she said?  'It's probably just a habit, nothing to worry about, it will go away on its own'.  Now, being the overly concerned one in the family, I specifically said to my wife make sure that he gets a referral to an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist.   She came back home with no referral, and no real solution to my sons problem, when my wife had expressed the need to see someone.  My wife failed to add one important point, and I will come onto that in a moment.

I was not going to take that, the boy clearly needs to see a specialist, so I called the surgery myself and asked to speak to the doctor he had seen.  Unfortunately she had left for the day, but a duty doctor called me back, to which I explained that I clearly was not happy that he was not referred and then said the most important bit.  'I have health insurance, and would like to use it, can you please give me a referral letter to an ENT'.  'Yes, sir,' said the doctor, 'your referral letter will be waiting for you in reception tomorrow.'

Those words 'I have health insurance, and I would like to use it' are key to getting the referral you've been so anxious to get.  So the next time you see your GP, and they fob you off, you have my authority to use those words! (as long as you have a health insurance plan and are eligible for the claim of course).

I am sure its nothing serious, but just want that peace of mind... That is why we have health insurance.

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