I have had a medical insurance policy for years and am worried about changing companies. My premiums have gone through the roof recently and I have also made a few claims, what should I do?

Posted by Proactive Medical & Life on Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Your enquiry is not uncommon and many clients often worry about ‘switching their cover’ at renewal or midway through their policy year.  This can be done; however there are rules and many medical insurance companies will take pre-existing conditions into consideration however most will have specific criteria of acceptance with conditions such as cancer, heart disease or mental illness.  Acceptance is always subject to underwriting and we specialise in saving clients hundreds sometimes thousands of pounds on their renewal and work on managing expectations regarding those pre-existing conditions. 


We offer all of our clients both new and existing a completely free no obligation appraisal on their cover and work to make sure our clients have a seamless transition.  The transfer of cover is generally called ‘switch’ or CPME – continued personal medical exclusions and is designed to transfer policy benefits and any current exclusions.  One piece of sound advice, don’t cancel your current cover before you speak to us it may affect your current conditions

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