Pulling your hair out while looking at corporate healthcare renewal premiums?

Posted by Proactive Medical & Life on Friday, March 28, 2014

Are you as an employer tired of sub-standard service levels and the endless cycle of changing insurer in search of better value for money?

Some have thought that self-funding in trust was the panacea only to find out later that the same insurance principals are used to pay claims so other than IPT savings there is no real value and no better service level!

Proactive Medical & Life Trust services are unique in the way we approach things.  We are in a prime position to approach all pmi corporate clients with a claims fund over £100K, all insurer held trusts and any trust held by a trust company who acts in the same way as an insurer - IPT saving and smaller admin charges are not the whole story.

Once buyers realise our solution actually does deliver a far better, more reliable, less confrontational and flexible solution, usually after speaking to the converted, then the decision is easy.

We like to give our corporate clients the ability to know where their money is going, and there is no better way of being on top of your healthcare.

Happy weekend everybody!

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