Working this weekend? 5 reasons this is a good thing

Posted by Proactive Medical & Life on Wednesday, February 5, 2014

1.  You’re either going to be in the comfort of your own home, or stuck behind a desk in your office where the saying “silence is golden” truly has a meaning.  By giving yourself this opportunity, you will find that not only are you more relaxed with your work; those deadlines don’t seem that too far off.  By being more relaxed you will certainly be more focused, efficient and constructive Stay relaxed by putting a little music on in the background.

2.  Working on the weekend keeps the brain juices flowing.  Its good to relax now and again, however many of us like working as it keeps us motivated.  There is no reason why the weekend should be any different.  Remember you can enjoy your homely activities and do work at the same time, yes!  You have the best of both worlds.

3.  Eat what you want when you want… Keep in mind that working from home has huge advantages.  Raiding the fridge when you want is one of those.  Our tip would be to keep fruit at hand, fresh vegetables and healthy dips like hummus.  Perhaps a homemade salad for lunch, with well-known brain food such as tuna, or other oily fishes to keep you motivated and focused.  If you think heading for chocolate bars throughout the day is going to motivate you, DON’T! It may make you more tired by using up all that energy too quickly… stick to fruit, and healthy snacks…

4.  You’ll feel revived and majorly energised come Monday.  We've all been there, working on the weekend will give you the get up and go for Monday, and you’ll most probably have a one up on all your work colleagues.  What a way to start the week. MOTIVATED!  By the way, don't wait until Sunday night to finish your work!

5.  Get your family involved with your work, if you can. Having your family around you when you working is also a motivator…(It can be a distraction with young kids) but if your other half enjoys watching you work, get him or her to help you.  You never know you may come up with better results than ever before.  Sometimes two or three brains are better than one!?

Whatever you land up doing, enjoy your weekend…

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