Life Insurance - Critical Illness

Don't put all your apples in one basket... Make sure you’re protected from being diagnosed with a serious or critical illness.

Insurance companies look at Critical Illness and Serious Illness differently. So depending on your needs and understanding of the product it would be beneficial that you speak to one of our advisors before taking out this product.

Critical illness cover is an insurance contract. In exchange for regular premiums, the contract offers to pay an agreed lump sum of money if any of the lives covered are diagnosed with a specified critical illness. With critical illness cover in place, it could help you and your loved ones cope financially if you became critically ill. Most critical illness policies do not have a cash in value at any time.

Many people can get confused over the terminology with these products, so in many ways its best to understand them separately. Life insurance on its own does not pay out on a critical illness unless you have the critical illness option as part of your plan. 

Decreasing Cover

Help to protect your mortgage

The cover amount decreases each month broadly in line with a repayment loan, such as a mortgage, using a fixed interest rate. The premiums are calculated when you take out the policy and remain the same over the length of the policy term.

Increasing cover

Help to protect your family

As time goes by, it’s expected that the cost of living will go up. By choosing increasing cover you can help protect against the future effects of inflation. Your cover will increase each year in line with any increase in the Consumer Prices Index (CPI). If your cover increases, so will your premium.

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