Level & Decreasing Term Protection

Put simply, taking out mortgage life cover helps pay off your repayment mortgage if you die during the period of cover. Taking out this cover, can prevent your loved ones from struggling with mortgage repayments in such an event.

Types of cover explained:

Level Term Mortgage Insurance 
These plans are commonly used for family protection. If you die during the plan term, the policy pays out a tax free lump sum for your dependants. The amount of life cover usually remains the same over the plan term selected, hence the name 'level term'.

Mortgage Decreasing Insurance 
These plans are commonly used to protect a 'repayment' style mortgage i.e. where your debt to the lender reduces over the mortgage term. If you die during the mortgage term, the plan policy produces a lump sum which is used to pay off the outstanding balance of your mortgage. Over the plan term, the amount of life cover reduces to match your outstanding mortgage loan - this helps keep the cost down as you are only paying for cover you need. This is usually the cheapest way of insuring your repayment mortgage.

These types of cover can be purchased in conjunction with critical illness cover.

So what next? 
Our expert advisors will compare policies and prices from a variety of insurers to find the right Mortgage Protection for you and your family.

Proactive Medical & Life Ltd is here to save you time, money and effort without compromising the quality of your cover

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