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Protection for NOVA Clinic Solutions clients

Have you as a specialist ever thought of what would happen if you couldn't work 

due to accident or sickness?  

Are you considering life insurance or when was the last time your reviewed your life insurance?

Perhaps you've been in a situation when getting to work is difficult and your life in practice overtakes your health?


Income Protection - Probably the most important cover for you

This is a policy that helps you get back to work when sickness or illness hits you.  It is designed to pay you a portion of your salary or cover expenses such as bills & things, until such time as you are ready to get back to your patients.



Health Insurance - Getting you back to health when you need treatment fast.

This policy will pay for private treatment or cover the cost of general treatment such as physiotherapy, optical, dental and private specialists or consultants. 



Life & Critical Insurance - Giving you a lump sum on the diagnosis of a critical illness or paying out a lump sum in the event of death to help protect your family. 

This policy will payout lump sum to help with the worst.  You can also cover your mortgage, or help your family cope if the worst were to happen. 



Malpractice Insurance

Is your business or practice correctly insured?  Professional indemnity insurance can help protect you from claims made by dissatisfied patients, if there is a problem with your work, or you've made a mistake which costs your client money, meaning the client may want to pursue you for compensation.  

It's important to note that even if you haven't done anything wrong, the cost of defending yourself may be high and professional indemnity cover can help you protect yourself from these costs.   

Why us? Proactive Medical & Life Ltd is an award winning specialist firm set up to help offer an effective solution to client’s personal and corporate insurance needs. As we are based nationally our product range extends to new and existing General and Commercial Insurance, Medical Insurance Plans, Life Insurance & Serious Illness cover and Income Protection schemes for the Professional, SME, family and individual.  We have recently been named Best Health Insurance Broker at the Health Insurance Awards 2015/2016 and have won numerous other awards for our expert service.

Proactive Medical & Life Ltd Registration Number: 06483379 is an Appointed Representative of Healthnet Services Limited, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Healthnet Services Limited entered on the FCA register No 312313