Pension Auto Enrolment management

The government initiative to enrol all eligible UK employees onto a qualifying pension scheme without the need for their consent puts the onus on the employer to ensure they administer, communicate and document the process fully.

+co-pension, our Pension Auto Enrolment module’s analysis engine makes light work of assessing your workforce and communicating the relevant documentation and staff options available to each category of worker, and keeps you compliant with your responsibilities every pay period.

Set up your pension scheme(s) and static data

Upload and run assessments on your workforce to determine your eligible & non-eligible jobholders and entitled workers

Use the customisable template communications to notify your worker categories of the impending changes

Handle postponements, opt outs and re-enrolments by group or individual

Automatically enrol your eligible employees in time for every pay period

Provide all payment reports for payroll and pensions providers

Maintain an audit trail of all communications by individual to comply with record keeping legislation

A benefit to your employees

As well as being a highly beneficial tool for your admin staff – all of your employees get full visibility of their contributions, exactly where they would expect it – in plusyou.

They get full access to details of the scheme and provider you have chosen and can amend their contribution levels or opt out entirely if they so choose, and plus will even enrol them again after three years automatically.