The beauty of working with Proactive Medical & Life is that you’ll be in control of  running your very own business, but with the assurance that you’ll have the backing and branding of a one of the most experienced and expert companies within the industry.  Ours is a name that wins respect, not to mention a clutch of awards for our services.

With your talent for winning private clients, family business and developing business-to-business sales, and our reputation in domestic and international healthcare, life insurance and income protection, we’ll make a great partnership.   We will support you with your appointments and your sales, leaving you to self-generate further opportunities for yourself.  You'll be very much your own boss, but backed by superb marketing, excellent training and expert support from our support network. In short, all the tools you need to build a very successful business, with significant investment coming from us.

You don't need experience in financial service, just a talent for face to face sales, a disciplined approach and lots of drive.

if you are interested being part of an award winning brand within a growing industry in protection, and are looking to work for yourself with sales driven flexibility then let us know.  Call us now to find out more 0208 207 7394.



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