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A&E and Private Medical Insurance

We have received quite a few enquiries about A&E and private medical insurance. Questions such as will my private insurance cover my A&E appointment? Will my private insurance cover me if I go to a private hospital directly?

Accident & Emergency (A&E) services in the United Kingdom are covered under the National Health Service (NHS), a publicly funded healthcare system. If you require emergency medical treatment, you can receive it at an A&E department without paying for it, as long as you are eligible for NHS services.

Private medical insurance may cover the cost of treatment received at a private hospital, but this would not typically include treatment received at an NHS A&E department.

However, if you require ongoing treatment or rehabilitation following an emergency, your private medical insurance may cover some or all of these costs, depending on the terms of your policy.

Some private hospitals offer a walk-in clinic, however, before you head to a private hospital for A&E treatment, thinking your private insurance covers it, please call your insurer or broker to see how you will be treated. Of course if it is an emergency head straight to your closest NHS A&E.

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