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Giving You Peace of Mind

Welcome to Proactive Medical & Life Ltd, your trustworthy partner for all your insurance needs. We are an acclaimed specialist insurance agency committed to devising tailored solutions to address both personal and corporate insurance requirements.


Your peace of mind is our top priority: we do the market research, you sit back and relax.


We know how valuable your time is, so we take the hassle out of finding the best insurance deals. Our dedicated team is just one call away to help you plan the ideal insurance policy.


Our operations, anchored in London and Hertfordshire, span a diverse range of insurance services. Our product portfolio includes both new and existing Employee Benefits Schemes, Medical Insurance Plans, Health Care Trusts, Life Insurance, Critical & Serious Illness, and Income Protection schemes. We cater to corporate, SME, family, or individual insurance policy needs.


Proactive Medical & Life Ltd serves as your comprehensive insurance service platform, streamlining your decisions with our impartial, award-winning guidance. Be it home, life, or medical insurance, we strive to alleviate your burden and assist you in making substantial savings across all benefits.

In collaboration with our affiliates, we extend our services to commercial and general insurance, covering areas such as Personal Protection, Business Protection, and Commercial & General Insurance.


Why Choose Proactive Medical & Life?

As a renowned Health & Protection Specialist Insurance intermediary, our in-depth expertise and market position enable us to navigate the intricate insurance landscape on your behalf. Our solid relationship with one of the UK's largest healthcare specialists equips us to cater to your health and wellbeing needs, whatever they might be.


Whether you're seeking business or life insurance, we pledge to go the extra mile for you. We serve a broad and highly satisfied clientele, ranging from individuals to large businesses. From health insurance and life cover to income protection or commercial and general insurance – we have you covered.


We value long-term relationships and make it our mission to guide you through our insurance services. We follow a comprehensive process where we educate, inform, help you procure your insurance, and provide essential aftercare and servicing.

Our award-winning service is defined by four steps:

  1. Understanding You: We initiate a relaxed conversation and complete an information fact-find to understand your insurance needs and preferences.

  2. Research: Armed with the information you provide, we conduct a fair analysis of the market to find insurers and products that align with your needs, medical history, preferences, and budget.

  3. Advice, Help, and Support: We present our findings, explain the different options, and illustrate how our recommendations meet your requirements. We assist you throughout the application process.

  4. Post-sales Support: Once your application is approved and your plan is active, our dedicated aftercare service begins.


We're always on standby to assist with queries, guidance, claims, and premium payments. Our annual reviews ensure you always get the best deal.

Why are we Award-Winning Commercial Insurance Brokers?

We've earned numerous industry awards at Proactive Medical & Life for very valid reasons:

Our service retention rates exceed 90%, and we consistently deliver exceptional service.

• Our advice is unbiased, drawing from the whole market spectrum.

• We provide immediate quotes or within 24 hours of our client's instructions.

• We help you save through initial and annual policy reviews.

• We manage your policies end-to-end, taking the stress off your shoulders.

• We can oversee existing plans at no additional cost.


Talk to Our Insurance Professionals Today

Our team, made up of friendly and knowledgeable insurance experts, stands ready to address all your life insurance queries. They bring a diverse range of professional and educational backgrounds to cater to your needs.

Reach out to discuss your needs, request a quote, or call us directly

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