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Setting up Group Employee Benefits and insurance policies is a strategic move that can offer a plethora of advantages to both employers and employees.

When you opt for a comprehensive benefits plan that includes Group Medical Insurance, Group Life Cover, and Group Income Protection, you're not only enhancing your employee benefits package but also boosting morale and increasing retention. These plans provide a safety net for your employees, giving them peace of mind in case of illness, injury, or other unforeseen life events.

From the perspective of partnering with Proactive Medical & Life, you gain the advantage of tailored solutions designed to fit the unique needs of your organisation. We offer expert consultation to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you get the most value for your investment. Plus, our seamless implementation and ongoing support ensure that managing your benefits plan is straightforward and hassle-free.

With Proactive Medical & Life as your partner, you're ensuring that your employees are well taken care of, which in turn fosters a more engaged and productive workforce.

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Employee Details Required for Addition to a Group Plan -This button is designed for employees who are joining the company's group benefits scheme. By clicking on it, you'll be directed to a secure form where you can input your essential details such as name, date of birth, and employment status. Filling in this information accurately is crucial, as it is used to tailor the benefits and coverage options available to you under the group insurance policies like Group Medical Insurance, Group Life Cover, and Group Income Protection.

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Employer's Confirmation for Addition to the Group Scheme Button - This button serves as the final step for employers in the process of adding an individual to the company's group benefits plan. Once the employee has submitted their details, the employer can review the information if they wish and then confirm that the individual is to be officially added to the scheme. By clicking this button, employers also initiate the activation of the employee's benefits, enabling them to take advantage of the group plans as quickly as possible.

In addition to the primary four benefits, you might be seeking an alternative to health insurance. A Cash Plan could be an economical way to provide coverage for your staff whilst still offering them exceptional protection. Explore what Cash Plans entail here.


Protect the health of your employees, avoid lengthy NHS waiting lists, reduce absenteeism and improve employee retention with a company health insurance plan.



Group Life Insurance provides money to your employees' families in the event of their death, helping to ease financial pressures in an extremely difficult time.


Group Income Protection will pay out monthly to your company if an employee is unable to work due to ill health, accident or dissability.



Critical illness is an extremely valuable insurance policy. It pays out if an employee, their child or their partner (if included) suffers one of the illnesses defined in the policy.

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