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Travel Insurance

In association with Voyager Travel Insurance, we provide comprehensive travel insurance that offers a multitude of advantages to safeguard your trips. Our travel insurance policies have been attentively constructed to address a broad range of possible issues, from medical emergencies and journey cancellations to lost luggage and travel delays.

This service operates as a non-advisory, quote and apply service online through our partners at Voyager Insurance.

By embarking on your adventures with Voyager's exceptional cover, you can travel with assurance, knowing that you and your journey are well-protected. In the event of unexpected occurrences, our swift and professional assistance ensures that you receive the necessary support and compensation, making your travel experiences as stress-free as possible.

We've teamed up with Voyager Travel Insurance to offer you the peace of mind and protection you need for every stage of your journey.

We've streamlined the process of securing your travel insurance online, making it easier than ever before. To receive a quote and apply for cover, simply click on the button below and fill out the necessary details.

Once you've provided the relevant information, you'll receive a quote for your comprehensive travel cover from Voyager Travel Insurance. If you're happy with the quote, you can proceed to apply for cover directly through their online platform.

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