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Why choose our Sports Insurance?

Our range of sports insurance policies is one of the most comprehensive on the market. In fact, our experience in the sports healthcare arena is second to none making us as the choice for sports clubs and players, up and down the country.

Private Health Insurance ultimately gives you peace of mind, designed to meet the costs of the private medical treatment that you undergo. Our policies provide important extra cover for sports injuries, not normally covered by other insurers.

Players and clubs can also benefit from unique features such as an additional team out-patient benefit and cover whilst touring as well as complementary services such as our treatment booking service for non-eligible treatment.


Our Sports Health Insurance range has been specifically designed for amateur and professional sports players and clubs and has proved popular with football, rugby and other clubs up and down the country. For the purposes of Sports Health Insurance, we class amateurs and professionals as those receiving any fee, donation or benefit in kind from participation in their sport, whilst playing, coaching, or training at club, county, national or international levels.

4 Sports options


  • Essential level of in-patient cover

  • Cover for sports related injury

  • Post admission consultations, tests scans

  • Hospital cash back (up to £250 per night)

  • Stress Counselling Helpline/Health & Wellbeing Services

  • 24 hour GP advice line

  • Overall Annual Maxium Benefit limit £50.000


All the benefits of Sports Key and...

  • Out-patient consultations, diagnostics and treatment

  • Treatment booking service for non-eligible treatment such as elective surgery

  • Additional pool of out-patient benefit for teams of 6 or more players

  • Overall Annual Maximum Benefit limit: £1,000,000


All the benefits of Sports and...

  • Full cancer cover*

  • Full radiotherapy and chemotherapy cover*

  • Cardiovascular conditions cover

  • Overall Annual Maximum Benefit limit: £1,000,000


All the benefits of Sports Plus and...

  • A higher benefit limit for out-patient consultations, diagnostics and treatment

  • Included therapies benefit on a risk share basis 50/50*

  • Overall Annual Maximum Benefit limit: £1,000,000

*Please refer to individual policy terms and conditions for monetary limits.

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