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Our Clients

Your Health, Our Priority

Welcome to the Our Clients page at Proactive Medical & Life Ltd. Here, you'll discover more about the clientele we cater to and the comprehensive services we offer. Our main objective is to provide a shield of protection around you and your loved ones, safeguarding your financial well-being and health.


Who We Work With:

Individuals and Families

Your health and welfare are our utmost priorities. We work closely with you to provide the most suitable medical insurance, income protection, and life with critical illness cover. We also conduct annual reviews of these policies and collaborate with specialists to ensure your requirements are continually met.


The Self-Employed

Owning a business comes with its share of uncertainties. Our focus is on making sure you’re safeguarded from an income protection perspective, allowing you to concentrate on your business endeavours without worrying about financial setbacks.


Business Owners

When it comes to protection, business owners have unique needs. We advise on and set up relevant life policies that not only provide cover but also offer a more tax-efficient way to pay for that protection.


Corporate Partnerships

Many companies across diverse sectors entrust their employee benefits to our expert guidance. From cash plans and group medical insurance to group life cover and income protection, we’ve got you covered. We're consistently reviewing and advising on these wellness benefits to ensure maximum utilisation.

Proactive Psychology

Founded in 2022 by Lucy Lurie, Proactive Psychology is a sister concern that focuses on mental health treatment. We are staunch advocates in the mental health arena, urging clients to ensure their plans offer the necessary cover for specific mental health needs.


Sectors We Serve


Close Collaborations with


We’ve built strong relationships with CEOs and HR managers in various sectors that continue to benefit from our services:

  • IT Companies

  • Law Firms & Barristers

  • Product and Services Companies

  • Insurance Companies

  • Jewellers

  • Fashion Houses

  • Therapy Clinics

  • Medical Practices & Specialist Practitioners

  • Property Companies

  • Restaurants

  • Sports Professionals

  • And many more...


Your Journey, Our Commitment

When disaster strikes, we stand by you. We are committed to guiding you through the complexities of your policy, ensuring you get the maximum benefits possible.

To learn more about how Proactive Medical & Life Ltd can cater to your specific needs, feel free to Contact Us today.

Thank you for considering Proactive Medical & Life Ltd. We look forward to building a healthier future with you.

" Proactive Protection and the team provide an excellent service which is very personable. It's good to be kept up to date and also know that they are on hand to answer any queries with our personal health insurance package. Wouldn't hesitate in recommending."


Joshua F


"Proactive Protection managed to identify all crucial areas that were not covered in our existing insurance plans, and really bent over backwards to help my family and I along the path to a more stable and secure future. Way to go!"


Daniel L


"Proactive Protection is an excellent brokerage with a great knowledge of the market. They are able to provide high competetive quotations and a personal service to match"


Daniel B


 "A First Class Service"


David P

 "From start to finish Proactive Medical & Life go all the way, sorting both individuals and business cover. We are super happy, thank you"


Proactive Protection is proud with what we have achieved in such a short time.  Our dedication to this profession is paramount and we believe in offering the best service to all of our clients both locally and internationally.  We are always looking for ways in which to bring the broker client relationship closer and working closely with providers has given us a the real edge to maintain that award winning service you deserve.


Once a client engages with our services, chances are they will never leave us for a different agency. And one of the main reasons is because of the top-notch insurance providers we work with.

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