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Addition to Company Scheme

Please tell us about yourself before we add you to the company scheme

We will be asking you a series of questions related to you and your medical history.  Please answer these questions fully and accurately so that we can look at adding you to your company scheme.

Your benefits will be decided by your HR Department or what is offered on the current policy plan.  For details please check with the company secretary as this may differ to what you have at the moment.

In our concerted efforts with your HR manager or CEO, we strive to facilitate your enrolment in the health insurance plan seamlessly. It's important for us to know the company you work for so we can liaise effectively with your HR department, ensuring we have the correct details to efficiently add you to the policy.

Certain specifics may be crucial to ensure you have the appropriate coverage. Thus, if you currently have health insurance, we kindly ask you to let us know. This allows us to guide you on how to proceed with your existing coverage. If there is a plan in place, we may require your current health insurance medical certificate. Providing this will enable us to transfer the necessary information to your new insurer.

As an employee, understanding the ins and outs of your enrolment in the group scheme is crucial. We gather as much data as possible from your employer to keep your transition to our service smooth and hassle-free. However, please bear in mind that occasional delays might occur, but our aim is always to keep the process as seamless as possible.

We urge you to discuss comprehensively with your employer about certain aspects, such as your existing coverage, inclusion of dependents and family members, and applicable coverage levels. Understanding the underwriting process is also essential, so please inquire about this with your employer. At the time of your enrolment, we will also provide specific details about your plan's underwriting process.

While we rely on your employer for some of these details, your active engagement and understanding will greatly streamline the process. Our ultimate goal is to ensure a simple, straightforward transition that minimises potential stress. We eagerly look forward to receiving your details and guiding you through this journey.

Employee Benefit Packages to suit you

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