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You've protected your business now protect your employees

Cafe Owners


We understand that purchasing company health insurance is a big decision and that it can be daunting to navigate the complex world of health insurance. That’s why we take the time to listen to your circumstances, get to know your company, and ensure that we find you the perfect fit.


We offer a one-stop insurance service, making it easier for you to make the right choice through guided impartial award-winning advice, whether you require home, life or medical insurance.  As a class-leading business insurance broker, we reduce the stress and effort, helping you to save money for your company across the full benefits range.



Getting to know you

We start with a relaxed conversation & complete an information fact find, recording personal information, relevant history & current insurance details. We listen to what your insurance needs are, what you want us to do for you, how you want it done and any other preferences.



With the information provided, we complete a fair analysis of the market, researching the most suitable insurers and products based on your needs, medical history, preferences and budget, which we then put together in an easy to understand, bespoke quotes pack for you.


Advice, help and support

We clearly show our findings, what the market is offering, explain the different options & show you how our recommendation satisfies your requirements. We sort out any underwriting issues with the chosen insurer prior to application, and then help you to apply and buy your insurance.


Starting your plan and after sales support

Your application has been approved and terms confirmed by the insurer. You are now fully covered and have the peace of mind this brings. This is when our aftercare service kicks in. We are always available to assist you with queries, problems, guidance, claims and premium payments. Our insurance company helps you all the way through your journey… but it doesn’t stop there! We review your plans on an annual basis and will make sure you always have the best deal.

Safari Sunrise


We have won many insurance industry awards here at Proactive Medical & Life for these very good reasons: 

  • Our service retention rates are above 90% and we continue to deliver an award-winning service.

  • We work with the whole of the market and are impartial with our advice.

  • We quote immediately or within 24 hours of our clients instructions.

  • Reduced costs through initial and annual reviews on policies

  • We take the stress out of managing your policies from start to finish

  • We can take over the management of existing plans at no extra cost.

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