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As a CEO, HR Director, or Scheme Administrator, your role is instrumental in facilitating a seamless enrolment of your employees into the health insurance scheme. To expedite this process and ensure clear understanding between the employer and employee, we encourage you to utilise our Employee Enrolment Form. This form can be easily accessed via a dedicated button on our platform, allowing you to input crucial information for each new employee addition efficiently.

The information you'll need to provide encompasses the company's name, the employee's name, the type of enrolment, the enrolment date, the level of cover required, details of dependents to be included, and key fact-find details such as existing cover and medical history. This comprehensive data collection helps us provide the best possible service tailored to each employee's specific needs. Furthermore, having a clear understanding of the underwriting process enables us to explain it to the employee at the time of enrolment, promoting a smoother onboarding experience.


In the event an employee needs to be removed from the scheme, the process is equally simple. All you need to do is send us an email at, stating the name of the employee, the company name, and the date of termination. This ensures we keep our records up to date and the policy remains accurate.

Employer Enrolment

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