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How Freedom Worldwide claims process works

Wherever you are in this world you can easily get access to the Freedom Worldwide claims department by calling the international telephone number below. 

Contact details:

Phone: +44 (0)1202 756350

Before making a claim please read your policy document together with your certificate of insurance and the table of benefits to check that you have the relevant cover available to you. If you have any questions concerning your cover, please contact the claims helpline.

1. Medical evacuations or emergency in-patient/day-patient pre-authorisation

In a medical emergency where you require admittance to a hospital or a medical evacuation, you or your representative must contact our claims helpline immediately.

2. Out-patient treatment including routine and minor dental treatment

Out-patient claims such as doctor visits, dental treatments, pharmacy, therapies and tests are handled on a ‘pay and claim’ basis. This means that you must pay the provider for your treatment at the time and claim it back from us.

Freedom Health Insurance will reimburse the expenses you have incurred in line with the cover that you have under our Freedom Worldwide policy and the normal policy terms and conditions.

2.1 Claims reimbursement process for out-patient treatment

If you need any help or advice, please contact us but please be aware that you do not need to contact us for pre-authorisation of these costs.

  • See your medical practitioner, therapist, specialist or consultant in the normal way.

  • Settle your bill for the treatment you have received on the day, making sure you keep copies of all invoices and receipts.

  • Complete a claim form – please note that there are separate claim forms for medical and dental claims. You can obtain a claim form by contacting us but you will also be able to download a claim form from here

  • Send your fully completed claim form along with the original itemised invoice and receipt to the claims department at Freedom Health Insurance, Suite 3, Bourne Gate, 25 Bourne Valley Road, Poole, BH12 1DY, United Kingdom.


Please ensure you complete the claim form in full and send all requested documentation to prevent any delays in reimbursement. Please also note that these are ‘self-certification’ claim forms so we don’t require your medical practitioner to sign the claim forms, but it is important that you provide as much medical information as you can so we fully understand the circumstances of your claim.

Reimbursement usually takes around 30 days from the time your claim has been processed.

3. In-patient and day-patient treatment

If you need in-patient or day-patient treatment, we will usually be able to set up a direct billing arrangement with the medical practitioner, consultant, hospital or clinic. This means that as long as the claim is valid, and you have sufficient cover under your policy, you will not need to pay for any treatment unless you have an excess (deductible) or co-payment on your policy.

Please note that you must obtain pre-authorisation for any in-patient or day-patient treatment from Freedom Health Insurance. If you do not pre-authorise this treatment, we will only pay 50% (half) of the costs incurred.

3.1 Pre-authorisation process:

As soon as your specialist tells you that you need in-patient or day-patient treatment, you must contact us to start the pre-authorisation process.

  • Please have your policy number, as shown on your card, ready when you phone.

  • A Freedom Health Insurance representative will ask you some questions about your claim including what treatment is being proposed, where and when it will take place, and what the likely cost is (if known).

  • The Freedom Health Insurance representative may also ask you for copies of any medical reports or letters you have been given by the specialist in preparation for your treatment.

  • We will then contact your specialist and the hospital or clinic where you are having the treatment to make arrangements for direct billing and settlement of the costs.

  • We will also confirm authorisation and the arrangements that have been put in place for direct billing for your treatment. You will not need to complete any claim forms.

  • You can then proceed with your treatment at the hospital or clinic.

For more information about our claims process and to get access to our claim forms click here or check out the Freedom Worldwide Health Insurance frequently asked questions page.

If you would like to get all this information in a PDF document click here.

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