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Growing old functionally and gracefully

We are all living longer, stresses of life are taking their toll, whether it's financial, physical, health or mental well-being related. Our motto is 'Your health is Your Wealth' aptly used for any age we are big promoters of keeping on top of your wellbeing. Not everybody can do it and as we get older tasks to become harder. As we get older and live longer, we are going to need more care. With suitable personal investment, you may be able to make that journey a little easier.

We picked up this excellent post by Physiotherapist Dean Carrol who is based in Johannesburg and works under the team Blue Bird Wellness:

I have been observing for some time now how my generation is impacted directly and indirectly by the ageing process as we embark on the next half of our lives. It is interesting to notice from a birds-eye view how the men and women that I have grown up with (who were so-called bees knees, the apple of my eye, the people you wanted to look like, to act like or even be like, the ones you thought had it all) how when you reach this 'new' stage of your life and we are all on an 'equal' playing field, you get to see how life has had its say to their mental, emotional and obviously what you can directly observe their physical well-being and just the sort of quality of life and well-being they do and will have as they age.

So these are my two cents worth (mainly because of what I do and see and work with daily) to trying to age gracefully and maintain and improve your functional quality of life without having to become a burden to yourself and others.

I've mentioned before there are eight general factors (4 intrinsic and 4 extrinsic) that directly impact your well-being; they are


1 Strength

2 Flexibility

3 Mobility

4 Stability


1 Exercise

2 Nutrition

3 Sleep hygiene

4 Stress management

All of the above have many subcategories but are there just to give u a general idea of what to look at.

The other stressors which are harder to manage or control are your,

external environment


relationships - marriage, family, friends

human behaviours - smoking, drinking, and other mind-altering substances

Depending on how many of these above-mentioned factors you can check off that you are doing well in, this will go a long way to giving you the best chance to live a long quality functional filled lifestyle in the last few chapters of your book of life.

How are you writing yours?!?

Dean Carrol - Physiotherapist

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