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Why is Health Insurance Important if I’m Working Abroad?

More and more people are living and working abroad from Europe, the Middle East to Asia, Africa and India – with long and short contracts.

The costs of medical treatment abroad vary from country to country and within treatment centres in that country. As a visitor from abroad you may be responsible for paying for all costs including consultations, drugs, surgery as well as room and meals; so it's worth finding out how much you could save if the worst happened.

We facilitate both individual and corporate plans for international cover, whether you are treated abroad or repatriated home.

How Much Would Treatment Abroad Cost Me?

If you fall seriously ill abroad and need hospital treatment, the average cost is now £2,292. However it can be as high as £6,000 (United States) £2,750, (Thailand) or £2,500 (Canary Islands).

Even a simple case of tummy bug, (gastroenteritis) one of the most common reasons for a hospital stay, can cost as much as £1,200 if you have to be treated in a hospital. Costs for common conditions are:

  • Insect bite £200

  • Ear infection £275

  • Head wound £450

Fees correct in 2010

More serious conditions can be more expensive:

  • Heart attack £12,500

  • Inguinal Hernia repair varies from

  • £5,000 - £8,000

  • Hip replacement £4,000 - £18,000

  • Liver Transplant cost £160,000 - £200,000

Reference: Guardian 2010

Who is Worldwide Health Insurance Suitable For?

Worldwide is great for anyone who is:

  • Studying abroad

  • Living abroad

  • Working abroad

  • Working abroad and in the UK

  • Travelling abroad

  • Volunteering abroad

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