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My Expertise & Approach

I have over 20 years of experience working as a psychologist within the occupational, forensic, and clinical fields and within mental health through my work within the prison service, forensic adolescent community team, secure units and inpatient mental health. I have worked with a variety of clients, both non-forensic and forensic, delivering a range of full risk assessments, psychological assessments and delivering a number of therapeutic interventions. I am trained in and deliver a number of therapies including DBT, MBT, CBT, CFT and EMDR. I work in a client centred way providing the optimal treatment for my clients by using a variety of therapeutic approaches rather than working with one specific approach, unless this is indicated.


I use a psychologically informed formulation approach to understand a client's needs and work in a collaborative way with my client to decide on their treatment pathway and set therapy goals. 


I have a specialist interest and expertise working with complex clients and specifically in trauma, the development of personality traits and in the assessment and treatment of personality disorders. I am trained in conducting psychometric assessments (ability and personality) for a wide variety of clients in both the clinical field and also the business field. I further specialise in the impact of trauma, attachment disorders, the diagnosis of personality disorder and the treatment of personality disorder.  

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