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A Parent's Perspective to A Teenager's Open Letter... during exam time!

Dear Teenager,

Having read your open letter originally published on Grown & Flown, I find myself reflecting on the numerous elements that strike a chord as a parent, especially in the high-pressure season of exams. Your words echo in our hearts, underlining the intricate dynamics between parents and teenagers during this pivotal stage of life.

You poignantly remind us that your brain is still developing, irrespective of your achievements or intelligence. The occasional impulsivity isn't negligence or recklessness; it's an integral part of your journey towards maturity. As parents, we'll strive to remember this fact, tempering our reactions with more patience and understanding.

Your emphasis on the importance of friendships during adolescence resonates deeply with us. It can sometimes feel as though we've been relegated to the sidelines, but rest assured, we respect this shift. We will be your quiet cheerleaders, providing a safe and supportive home environment.

Your plea for us to model adulthood, to let you figure things out for yourself, and to share our own teenage experiences, opens a valuable path for us as parents. By embodying the qualities we hope to see in you, we can guide you more effectively. We'll let you tackle your challenges, bolstering your confidence and resilience while standing ready to help when you need us.

Maintaining perspective during stressful times, like exams, is crucial. As parents, we'll continue to remind you of the bigger picture, reassuring you that an exam is only a small part of your vast and promising future. You might roll your eyes at us, dismissing our words as irrelevant, but we'll keep saying them, hoping that they offer some comfort amid the stress.

Your safety, undoubtedly, is our utmost concern. We'll persistently remind you about the perils of mixing drugs or alcohol with driving, assuring you that we'll always be there to rescue you from dangerous situations, no questions asked. We want our home to be your haven, a place where you can express your fears, share your dreams, and know you are deeply loved and cared for.

Your request for kindness is a potent reminder for us. We will strive to show you relentless kindness, patience, and respect. After all, we're not just your parents; we're also your role models. Our humor, understanding, and empathy should serve as a beacon for you, guiding your own interactions with the world around you.

Lastly, we understand the importance of sharing in your interests, however different they may seem from ours. We'll celebrate your passions, because they're part of what makes you uniquely you.

Thank you for reminding us that adolescence, like a fog, will eventually lift, revealing a strong, confident adult who was once a surly teenager. Your open letter has made us realize anew that we are on this journey together, and we promise you, we will stick with you through it all.


Your Parents

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