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Building Bridges with the Community and Working with Local Businesses

In today’s business landscape, Proactive Medical & Life stands as a beacon of collaborative success. As a dedicated insurance company, we've woven a strong network within our community by connecting with local accountants, solicitors, and utility brokers. Together, we work towards a common goal: to serve our clients better and keep the local economy thriving.

A Network of Local Expertise


Our approach is all about unity. We team up with local experts who share our commitment to excellence. When we connect our clients with local accountants, they receive bespoke financial advice; when we introduce them to solicitors, their legal concerns are addressed with precision; and through our utility brokers, businesses manage their costs effectively. It’s a full-circle service model that benefits everyone involved.


Growth Through Word of Mouth and Partnerships


From the very start, Proactive Medical & Life has flourished through the power of positive word of mouth and strategic partnerships. Our growth isn’t just measured in numbers, but in the lasting relationships we’ve built. Each referral is a testament to the trust our clients place in us and a signal of our unwavering commitment to their well-being.


Networking with Purpose


We actively participate in Business Network International (BNI), which allows us to promote our services and meet like-minded businesses. These meetings aren't just about finding new clients; they're about understanding community needs, discovering new market trends, and creating alliances that benefit all parties.


Strategic Alliances for Sustainable Success


Our key strategic alliances with referral-based businesses have been crucial. These partnerships mean we’re always ready to offer sound and comprehensive advice. They also ensure that, as we grow, we maintain the quality and integrity of the advice we offer.


Expanding Our Network


At Proactive Medical & Life, our door is always open for new opportunities to connect. If you're a local business keen on joining a network that thrives on support and success, we're excited to welcome you. Our journey in networking is ongoing, and we believe that together, we can achieve great things. We're ready to guide you through this networking journey and look forward to the possibilities our partnership can bring. Let’s grow our network and our businesses together!



At Proactive Medical & Life, we believe in the power of community. Our story is one of shared success, a narrative that celebrates the strength of local ties. As we continue to build bridges with local businesses, we’re not just expanding our company; we’re enriching our community, one partnership at a time. We even have fun too!

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