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Coronavirus - Health insurance

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Coronavirus is a highly contagious virus based on information from the World Health Organisation (WHO). It requires a specialised response in terms of treatment. Governments are constantly discussing ways on how to control the virus and the UK Government is meeting regularly to give us updates on the current situation. It is unlikely that a private medical insurance holder of a UK based policy would be covered in a private hospital as these facilities may not be set up with isolation units.

Our understanding is that patients would need to be treated in an NHS facility. We highly recommend you call 111 if you feel you have any of the symptoms which are described on the (WHO) website We will try and update you with information as soon as we receive it.

Please check your private medical insurance plan to see if you have an NHS cash facility which may provide you with benefit if you need it. Please also speak to your broker about any benefit you may receive or discuss this with your insurance company directly.


Check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for latest travel advice.


Please take precaution when travelling or commuting, it is best practice to do frequent hand washing and using soaps and hand gels.

The situation is changing daily. For any further details on your health insurance plan please speak directly to your insurer or your broker.

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