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Join a company scheme?

Another call from a client not sure what to do….CONFUSED! 😕🥔🆘

I’ve been highlighting this to clients for years, so I thought I would write about it here.

Here is the question…My company has offered that I join their health insurance scheme? It’s a good deal; should I do it?

This is a common question. I come across it every day and am always happy for my clients to get a good deal, but one thing is that you don’t know the future, and sometimes you are not in control. There are so many points to weigh up when you look at this. Will the company continue my medical history? Will the premium increase annually? Will I have the same cover now? Generally, you are also dealing with HR specialists or secretaries in the company who may or may not have all the knowledge and therefore perhaps don’t advise accordingly. The other consideration to take into account is what happens if the job doesn’t work out? And the one thing you don’t know… if you leave the company and want to continue your cover, the premium can increase dramatically and much more than a personal plan.. So; before you jump into that better deal, for now, have a good think on how that can affect you in the future. Sometimes it is better to keep what you have so you don’t have more significant issues down the line….

In this instance, the client stayed with their current insurance because they had more control and had a chat with me before they decided. 🤗🤗🤗

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