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Mobile Face to Face...with your GP!

The NHS is catching up with face to face appointments on your mobile phone. It is wonderful to see Europe's biggest employer embracing this fantastic technology, something that insurance companies have been offering for quite some time.

So how does it work? You will be given the opportunity to search your symptoms on your phone and then if required an appointment will be scheduled for you to take via the GP directly through a video calling app. Although there are concerns in the media about this service, we feel that it is simply embracing the fantastic technology we have available on our smartphones.

Some insurance companies have been using this technology for some time and have really embraced the technology very well. Take a look here from one of our providers Vitality how this works with a dermatology assessment. So is this really the future? Well, yes and its not just adapted to make services more efficient, we also feel that it will greatly reduce the stress on the NHS and hope that all trusts make the move to adopt this technology.

So, if taking a trip to your doctors surgery is really not your thing, or you're too sick to leave your home, or you're at work and really cant get to the surgery on time then you too will see how this could be a great benefit to our busy modern day lives.

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