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Perceived Indifference

Perceived Indifference 😖😱😊 

Customers move away from organisations because they think you do not care enough about them! Those account for around 70% of the reasons why customers leave your business.  That is a colossal stat and was shared with me in a great networking training session this morning. As you know, I am in the business of insurance. Many clients do not feel that insurance companies care enough about them. Well, let me tell you differently. When it comes to broking and fighting a client’s corner, I am 150% behind the customer (As long as it is legitimate and agree with the issue).  To me, customer service is EVERYTHING! If a client’s not happy, I want to know about it, and I will always try and make that right! My hospitality background always taught me that the customer is always King or Queen.

One happy client complained about an insurer who left them with a £1200 shortfall because they used the wrong hospital; the claim was agreed the day before their treatment but failed to mention the hospital was going to overcharge. I got involved because the timing for the client was the issue between making a claim and having the treatment. After my intervention, the Insurer overturned the decision and paid the client the total shortfall. It takes work, perseverance, good common sense – but most importantly its shows I care and help them get the best out of our service. You’ll always retain clients if you offer an excellent service 😊

The other interesting stats on why clients leave your business are down to:

Die – 1%

Move away – 3%

Found a Better Deal – 9%

Dissatisfied with Service – 12%

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