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The Value of Healthcare Trusts: Building a Healthier Future in the Sports Insurance Industry

In a recent meeting with our partners Ali and Tom at General & Medical, we explored the intricacies of integrating Healthcare Trusts into our business model. As we continue to make strides in the sports insurance development sector, it became evident that Healthcare Trusts offer an invaluable asset for ensuring the health and well-being of sports professionals and teams.

The Importance of Health for Success

Your success and that of your organisation depend on the health of you and your employees. The sports industry is no exception. In fact, health takes on a critical role where physical capability directly influences performance. Therefore, it's imperative to invest in healthcare solutions that are flexible, cost-effective, and tailored to the specific needs of sports professionals.

Why Healthcare Trusts?

Healthcare benefits are increasingly seen as essential for lowering employee turnover and attracting top talent. Traditional private healthcare insurance schemes are often inflexible and costly, with premiums that can rise significantly year over year.

In contrast, a Corporate Healthcare Trust, such as those offered by General&Medical / ProAmica, gives organisations complete control over the healthcare cover provided and how the money is spent. These trusts are not subject to Insurance Premium Tax, offering an immediate cost-saving advantage over traditional insurance schemes.

Benefits of Corporate Healthcare Trusts:

  • Fixed Monthly Administration Fees: You only pay for the people who are members of the Trust in any given month, providing predictability in expenses.

  • Tailored Solutions: Using the buying power of General & Medical Healthcare, General&Medical / ProAmica can negotiate excellent prices and utilise a Medical Advisory Panel to offer expertise in healthcare.

  • Real-time Reporting: With real-time online reporting, you'll always know how your money is being spent and the current financial state of the trust.

  • Personalised Administration: General&Medical / ProAmica allocates a named Trust Administrator to look after all your requirements, ensuring a personal touch in service.

  • Additional Support: Access to a 24-hour GP Helpline and Stress Counselling Helpline, which are free of charge to all Trusts and their members.

The Bespoke Nature of Sports Healthcare Trusts

Sports Healthcare Trusts are particularly well-suited to the needs of Sports Clubs and Associations because they offer the flexibility to customise benefits according to the specific risks associated with different sports.

Benefits of Sports Healthcare Trusts:

  • Seasonal Flexibility: Pay for memberships only when you need them, accommodating fluctuating needs in and out of season.

  • Bespoke Plans: General&Medical / ProAmica works closely with many sports clubs and teams at both professional and grass-roots levels to provide healthcare solutions that are specifically designed for each organisation's unique requirements.

  • Expert Medical Panel: Access to a team of professional Doctors, Surgeons, and Anaesthetists ensures that your healthcare needs are met with the utmost professionalism.

Healthcare Trusts offer a flexible, cost-effective solution for organisations in the sports industry. With benefits like fixed monthly fees, real-time reporting, and bespoke healthcare solutions, they are an excellent option for sports professionals and teams alike.

To find out more about how Healthcare Trusts can benefit your sports organisation, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Request a Quote: When reaching out, please provide details such as the approximate number of employees or members who would participate in the Trust, existing healthcare provisions, and any renewal dates if applicable.

We are excited about the potential of incorporating Healthcare Trusts into our sports insurance development sector and look forward to providing tailored, valuable solutions to our clients.

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