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Guided Option, Expert & Consultant Select

Your Localised Healthcare Solutions

Choose from our range of services—Guided Option, Expert Select, or Consultant Select—each offering a tailored, quality-assured pathway to affordable healthcare. All options provide you with a choice of 3 local consultants, ensuring convenience and accessibility.


Guided Option: Tailored & Local - AXA and BUPA

  • How It Works: Call us or get an 'open referral' from your GP, then choose from 3 local, pre-approved consultants.

  • Quality & Value: All consultants meet high-quality criteria, and all costs are covered by your scheme.


Expert Select: Local Experts, Global Standards - Aviva

  • Personalised Care: Our team provides you with a list of 3 local top consultants based on your medical needs.

  • Quality Assurance: All consultants are vetted to ensure they meet medical best practices.


Expert Select
This is a guided approach to hospital choice. Aviva use their clinical and claims expertise
to provide you with a choice of hospitals in your area which give the quality of care we expect.

For this option you will always need to get an open referral so you can benefit from their expertise.

Consultant Select: Your Local Digital Choice - Vitality

  • Smart Search: Use our online Care Hub to find 3 local, top-ranking consultants based on specialism, performance, and location.

  • Member Support: Choose from online or phone-based support to help you make your selection.

Please refer to the insurer's handbook and documents related to these guided options.

Guided Option: General & Medical

General and Medical are also now offering the option of a Guided facility whereby they are assisting with the guidance of your treatment through their treatment path facility.

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