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Life Insurance - Level Term Assurance


So why is it so important to have Life insurance? Put simply, in today's stressful world of mortgages, finance, loans and debts... It can provide the security of knowing that your loved ones are protected should the worst happen.

We understand that the terminology can sound complicated, so here are some straightforward explanations...

Life Insurance on its own - Pays a fixed cash sum payment to help protect your loved ones if you die during the period of cover.

Life insurance with critical illness cover - One can have these separately, however this cover pays out a lump sum if you either die or are diagnosed with a critical illness that meets an insurers definition. Our advisors will be able to explain why critical illnesses are defined differently by certain insurers and how this will affect you.


Critical illness or Serious illness cover are add on plans that cover major illnesses.


Life Insurance - Family Income Benefit

Quite simply, protecting your family whilst saving you money.

Family income benefit provides a monthly tax-free income for you and your dependants (from the time of the claim to the end of the plan term) rather than providing a single lump sum should you die.

Family income benefit is particularly desirable for those who like to know they have a regular monthly income and would rather not have to worry about deciding what to do with a lump sum payout (and about making the right decision).


So what next?

Our expert advisors will compare policies and prices from a variety of insurers to find the right family income benefit for you and your family.

All you have to do is register with us, and we will run through a brief set of questions, and get back to you with a quote. It's as simple as that, or if you prefer you can get a quote online now.  Or please complete our fact find below.

Life Insurance - Relevant Life Insurance

A relevant life policy is a stand-alone single life policy. It's an alternative way for employers to give death-in-service benefits to their employees outside of a registered group life scheme.

Who are relevant life policies aimed at?

  • High-earning employees who have substantial pension funds and don’t want their death-in-service benefits to form part of their lifetime allowance.


  • Small businesses that don’t have enough eligible employees to warrant a group life scheme. 



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