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A special offer for new personal customers:

Whilst we don't sell health insurance just so you can get gift vouchers when a new special offer comes out we like to let our potential clients know about it.

So here it is:

£100 M&S Gift Card when taking out an AXA Health plan!!!

AXA's mission is to help more people to be the best version of themselves. They are here to help you get the expert healthcare you need, when you need it, with our help course.

If you are eligible and we assess that you need the cover and the cover suits you, regardless or not you are a new or current Proactive Medical & Life customer looking to make changes for the better, you may be entitled to this new offer by AXA.

We’re delighted to announce that throughout September (1-30 September 2022 inclusive), if we set you up on a new plan with AXA, you will receive a £100 M&S gift card. (Terms and conditions apply) and see details below. September is a good month to look at options if you are in the market for health insurance or your plan has come up for renewal, and we can promote a plan from AXA that suits your requirements.

Other great AXA offers that are also changing include:

Gym Offers - September/October Changes

Nuffield Health

Throughout September and October, Nuffield Health are waiving their new joiner fee for AXA Health members. This offer also extends to members' spouses and partners.


Previously members have received 40% off a six month Hussle Monthly+ pass. AXA are pleased to say that during September, we’ll update and move to an individual monthly rolling Hussle Monthly+ pass, offering more flexibility and convenience. This discount applies to spouses too, as well as any dependants over 16, included on a healthcare plan or scheme.

Have a great day!

Some extra points regarding the Gift Voucher:

  • Gift cards will be issued and sent via recorded delivery after 90 days of the Eligible Policy start date.

  • This is available on all u/w styles except AXA Group Leaver or customers returning to AXA within 3 months of leaving a previous AXA policy.

  • This is eligible per policy holder but not eligible on Child Only policies.

  • Policies sold already with a September start date will be eligible.

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