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Call the doctor!

Are you afraid to pick up the phone and call the doctor? Why is that? Is it because you find it difficult to get an appointment with your doctor? Or does it takes too long? Or simply there isn't a GP available for you to see? You may have heard on the news how much the NHS is under so much pressure, but that is nothing new. It has been like that for years.

Most people don't know that with a health insurance plan, you can now get almost immediate doctor's appointments within a 24-hour GP service online and face to face. Many of our clients regard these as a fantastic benefit because it alleviates the stress and pressure of picking up the phone and waiting for an NHS GP. We have heard stories where people have waited months for a GP appointment. And whilst the NHS GP numbers have dropped over the pandemic, It is more important now than ever to have access to a GP when you need it most. You can get prescriptions and referrals to a specialist through these services. Therefore cutting down the waiting times dramatically.

These are offered on both: individual plans and group plans. And many of our clients benefit from having a doctor in your hand (well, on your phone). However, many of our clients who have transferred over to us have not been aware that these services even existed. So check your policy and if you have a policy through work make sure that you have the 24-hour GP service available to you as part of your plan.

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