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My bills have gone sky high.....

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

With the average household bill set to hit £3,549 from October 2022 (Ofgem have announced), people are constantly worried about rising costs and the general cost of living.

We fixed our bills around four months ago with a company called Utility Warehouse and have been pretty impressed with the open communication and detail from the company. If you want to look at your utility bills, just let us know, and we can put you in touch with an excellent broker. What?! Yes, We used a broker... before we did it all online, and that wasn't a wise choice; however, it was wise to get a broker!

But where does that leave your insurance and your other rising costs? It's essential to have a broker look at the options available, and I will share with you why.

Firstly a broker has first-hand knowledge of the market. They can make a good call about where you are going with your costs and re-evaluate your plans, ensuring that you have the proper levels of coverage at a price you may be able to afford. So many of our clients, before they became our clients, used to try and arrange cover themselves but were found worrying more about the cost of the product than the benefits themselves and whether they suited the client.

Secondly, brokers build up excellent relationships with insurers, allowing you to manage your costs without having to trek through realms of information online and through paperwork to get the right product. Plus, they also help you get the best price (in our opinion).

And finally, a broker is there to help you, whether it is to save you money, help you with your claims or advise accordingly so that you know that you have complete peace of mind when the time comes to use the insurance.

So when you are thinking about how rising costs are affecting you, it may be also worth considering those insurance plans that can help with bills & things when times are really tough. Policies to consider would be:

  • Income Protection

  • Life Insurance and Family Protection

  • Critical Illness Cover

  • Accident and Sickness Insurance

  • Mortgage Protection

So the moral of this, whilst we are all going through a rough patch, is to use a broker. They are worth their weight in gold. The cherry on the cake is that you don't pay us for our service directly; we get paid a commission by the insurer, which is a win-win for everyone!

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